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3 Good Plugins You Can Use

WordPress Seo

My experience with WordPress Seo has been a good one. I used the plugin on a blog that I was just testing and it got the 1st page of Google for a competitive term. It also allows you the option to add keywords to your meta tag and more from the setting menu.

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Although there are some claims out there that have different opinions about the use of keywords in a meta tag. It's as simple as checking the box or not. To a certain extent this may be true, but I never had to use them in the meta tag. After a few simple tweaks to your liking the WordPress Seo plugin goes to work. This plugin is definitely recommended for your WordPress blog.


Is a good plugin you can benefit and get the most user experience for your readers that are on the go. It configures with your blog and detects mobile devices and changes your blog to a mobile version specifically for mobile users. If you use mobile marketing or plan to you definitely would want to give this one a try.


This one is a must have that if you don't know about this one already. I am assuming you do. It will connect your likes to your readers facebook account. The more likes you get the better if you have a fanpage.


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Honourable Mentions

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