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Email Marketing Prerequisites

Email Marketing Prerequisites These are the pieces of functionality that you need in place before you even think about sending an email! Most email marketing software should already have most of the pieces of functionality, but some of it will be down to you to check and to add in. This list ensures the best quality possible for sending an email.

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  1. Personalisation any email needs to be personalised to the reader, with it's greetings, it's content, and call to action. Using mass broadcast emailing techniques will get the lowest conversion rates possible. Broadcast emailing will lead to unsubscribes and spam reporting, which negates any effort you had to initially put in to get them to subscribe in the first place.
  2. Welcome when they first subscribe, you should welcome them to the list, thank them for subscribing, and you should guarantee that they've signed up to a great email, that they'll receive specific and interesting information.
  3. One-Click Un-Subscription This needs to be clear and easy within an email as you're offering them the option to unsubscribe, a requirement of any email marketing campaign; after all, you don't want to anger your prospective customers.
  4. Signup Confirmation This confirms they've signed up to the list, so are sure that they will now receive emails from your organisation, good for initially building trust and developing regular communication with your prospect customer. Communication is a vital part for developing and building trust.
  5. Subject Lines billions of emails are sent every day, so you want yours to be read, right? Testing subject lines to see which work best will guarantee the best open rates, and will guarantee you understand your customers, to enable you to deliver on their expectations.
  6. Trusted source Warm or cold list? Its best practice to always send emails to a warm list, never purchase email lists so that the customer is a cold prospect, they'll most likely unsubscribe and report you as spam which could affect your future marketing efforts. So develop an email subscription plan, and nurture the sign-ups that you get.
  7. Check Spam Filters A number of emails that are sent automatically get filtered and put into peoples spam folders, it is important to check if this happens to yours, and have a plan to try and overcome this issue. Some websites ask you to confirm them as a trust source, and to add them as a contact.
  8. Frequency Building a relationship takes time, and usually occurs because you are in regular contact. As an organisation, you need to find the happy medium between bombarding people with too many emails, and not sending enough so that a customer forgets about you.
  9. The Preview Pane Many individuals have a preview pane for when they look through their emails. As an organisation, you need to make that pane as interesting and enticing as possible, do you want to fill the whole pane up with an image? Or do you want it to include text and images? This is something that might be worth testing.
  10. Link click testing Before you send an email, check that all your links work, and go to the correct places, after all, this is the whole objective of an email directing traffic to a destination.
  11. Sign off If you're a smaller organisation, you could look at a personalised sign off, for example, from Sabastian, your friendly local marketing professional.
  12. Call to action Whats the point of an email if not to make the reader act? Make sure your call to action is clear, what do you want them to do? Try not to include too many as the reader will end up being confused.

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