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All You Need To Know About Your Facebook Page Engagement

Understanding this one word is fundamental to the success of your Facebook business.

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ENGAGEMENT means participation. The goal of having your Facebook page is to get as much participation as possible. Having a Fan Page with 1000 active users is better than having one with 100,000 inactive ones. Facebook loves engagement & you will too.

Facebook's aim is to keep people on the site for as long as possible. Why? The longer you stay, the more content you post, the more you will participate (engage) and make others want to stay. Why does Facebook want users to stay?


The longer you stay on Facebook and the more engaged you become, the greater the chance that you will click on one of Facebook's ads. Each time you click one of those ads, Facebook makes money.

The same principle works for you. You also need to get people engaged on your Fan Page. The more engaged visitors are on your page, the greater the chances that they will click on one of your 'money links' that can lead to you making sales.

There are 4 major Engagement Tools on Facebook

  1. Status

Let us look at each in turn.


Status is your content. It is what keeps persons interested to stay on your page. It is therefore important to write interesting posts to keep people wanting to stay on your page.

A status may include text, photos, videos, offers, events or a combination of them.


This is the matrix that we will spend most of our time trying to increase. A "Like" is a vote for your page or status update. When the page itself is liked, it results in membership to your page. When someone likes a page, it adds to your "Like" count, but it also means that the person who liked it will now receive updates when you. He or she is also now free to engage on your site.

We aim to try and get as many Likes (members) as possible on our page and try to offer interesting status updates to keep them engaged.


Comments create and maintain conversations. A conversation is the best way to KEEP people on your page as it provides a (possible) continuous flow of engagement. If your page develops the reputation of having interesting conversations (comments), then you may end up with loyal return visitors and this is simply priceless!


One of the best things that can happen to your page is if a status update goes viral. This means that persons find it so interesting, the want it on their own personal profiles, pages & groups. To get it on their pages, profiles or groups, they have to "Share" it. When this happens continuously, your post is said to go 'viral.'

The more places you share it, the greater the chance of others persons viewing it and sharing. A good viral status update can get engagement from millions of Facebook users!

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