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Mysearchfunds Adding 3 Major Search Engines

Today Mysearchfunds have announced that they will be adding 3 major search engines to their listings. Currently instead of yahoo search they are switching to Google Search until all of the 3 major engines get added in. Why is this great news? Well it is good news because you can make more money because of this.

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A little while back I wrote about Mysearchfunds and what it is. If you want you can read the post. Basically Mysearchfunds is a service that pays you for using their program to search. Every time you use their search box in your browser to search you can earn some money. You get payed to do something you would be normally doing anyways.

With this new update you can earn a lot more money and make it easier for yourself at the same time. Before MySearchFunds used to use YahooSearch as their only search option. So every time you searched you would get results from just Yahoo. While this is good, the problem with this is that Yahoo search doesn't always give the best results. Well, from my experience anyways. In most cases I would have to switch over to Google and use that instead of getting payed to look up information that I needed for school or work. With Google as their primary search engine you can expect to earn a lot more money .

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Using Google as their primary search engine you will get better search results

2. The majority of people use Google to search so you will be using it more often, therefore earning you more money

3. You will be more likely to earn affiliates because Google is more inviting then Yahoo

4. Everyone loves Google

As you can see this is a great move on MySearchFund's behalf. I feel that by doing this they will attract more people and will allow their current members to earn more money by search . I highly recommend you join today and use Google to earn you money. It's quick easy money, basically for free now .

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