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Keywords and Quality

Instead of opting for keyword-intensive articles that are churned out quickly and inexpensively, website owners and internet marketers should insist on high-quality and interesting articles.

SEO, keyword development and search analytics are very important for ensuring that your website gets found. Without the right search terms, your website, intranet page or blog won't ever get found by your readers.

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However, when writers focus solely on keywords, the language seems forced and, often, generic. Your site may be found more often, but the readers probably aren't impressed with your content.

How can you improve your website's content quality and still get found?

          • Develop an extensive bank of keywords and search terms. Aim for 250 words for an entire website and 50 words for an article. By having a larger bank of options, your keywords won't be repeated over and over.


          • Write the site's content WITHOUT looking at the keywords. Write interesting, well-organized articles that speak directly to your audience so they'll keep coming back to your site for more. This type of writing takes skill and talent, so make sure that it's valued.


          • Review the website's copy and replace any words that have a keyword synonym.


          • Review the website's copy once more and check that you have at least one or two keywords per paragraph. Every title should include a keyword, as well as the footer and page description.

To craft a readable, clear and highly interesting website, your top priority should be the content's quality and your second priority the keywords. People will easily find your articles and site plus, those who are seriously interested in your thoughts will be impressed by your knowledge, understanding of your audience and clarity!

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