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Today I got my Google Wave invite!

Today I got my Google Wave invite, which I was very pleased about! I've had a play on Joseph Mearmans account the other day, but he had no friends so it was kind of boring, but it was good to see the interface.

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First thing I did was add my friends who have Wave. First person to come online was Manadar, so I was speaking to him for 20 minutes or so, or wait, was I blipping him? Google has some new terminology for Wave, which I'll probably discuss another time.

Manadar and myself tried some things in Wave to see how it would handle it and we we're pretty impressed. First we started with a conversation, replying, editing etc this was all good, no problems here, real time worked a treat. Next we tried editing code together, as Manadar was writing the script, I was editing parts of it, adding parameters that he had "missed" and adding bits of code while he was finishing typing the current line, I even changed the font while he was typing impressed! Finally he added a map and found a beach in Netherlands, he showed me something on it and then I showed him where I was on holiday:

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