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Buy And Sell Anything On Twitter

Sell Simplyan easy way to allow brands and consumers to buy, sell, and transact on Twitter.

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Basically, Sell Simply turns Twitter into an electronic marketplace, enabling users to buy and sell anything over Twitter...including music. Whether it's a physical CD, some classic vinyl, or some autographed merch, Sell Simply has created an avenue to connect music and technology in a very social way.

Twitter users can list a product for sale on Sell Simply, or import products from other eCommerce platforms, such as Ebay, Craigslist, Esty, or Bonanza, and automatically tweet those products out for sale to the Twitterverse.

By connecting their Sell Simply accounts with Twitter and PayPal, when someone replies to their product tweet with "buy", Sell Simply facilitates the transaction through PayPal, allowing users to buy and sell with one tweet. Yes, re-tweets are also transactionable too.

Sell Simply also provides users with an option to create their own storefront. With "Simple Shop" users can combine all the listings for products being sold on Twitter into one location.

Recently, Sell Simply launched Chirp, which allows users to pay from any device, anywhere. Making a Chirp payment is as simply as sending a tweet that reads something like: @SellSimply #pay @ThePayee $100 for [said product]. Users can make payments as low as $1 or as high as $2,000.

It is apparent that Teso sees a great opportunity for direct eCommerce on Twitter. Do you agree? Would you use this service?

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