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Autoresponders What Are They Then?

An autoresponder is one of the best tools to help any internet marketer run a successful business. At it's simplest level, an autoresponder is a computer program that automatically sends out a predetermined reply to any emails received, it also enables the marketer to indulge in email marketing, which is what many marketers use to generate those big fat earnings claims they put on sales letters.

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In the world of internet marketing, the autoresponder has become very sophisticated. It will still respond automatically to incoming emails. But it can also be programmed to send designated emails to specific recipients on specified dates. In fact, it is difficult to see how any internet marketing business can function without the aid of an autoresponder.

You have probably seen dozens or even hundreds of sales pages promoting just about every money making system under the sun right?, and one thing all these sales pages promoting money making products/systems etc have in common is they all show screen shots of earnings generated using their 'system', now it is a fact that, at least in the past and I'm sure it is still going on now, that many of these screen shots we're falsified BUT there are many many sales pages from decent and trust worthy marketers which actually do show screen shots of real earnings they have made (and don't those screen shots just make you green with envy?), BUT (and there is always a 'BUT' isn't there!) what these sales pages do not tell you is that the majority of these earnings come from direct promotion to the marketers subscriber/customer list and I've heard that some marketers admit up to 95% of the earnings shown come from promoting their (or affiliate) products to their own list which they have often spent years building up.

What does this mean for the newbie marketer just starting up?, it means that although the earnings shown technically ARE achievable, in reality if you don't have a reasonable sized responsive list which you have been nurturing and building a relationship with you aren't going to make anywhere near the earning levels indicated (I can almost hear you sighing with disappointment!) but don't give up, because YOU, yes YOU! can build a good responsive subscriber list which if you take care of it will earn you decent money for years to come.

Now the absolute essential tool to help you do this is a good quality autoresponder service or web script software, and that is what this article is all about so keep reading!

How is an autoresponder used?

One of the most common usages of autoresponders is to maintain ongoing contact at regular intervals with prospective or existing clients. For example, an internet marketer creates a course called "The 10 Best Ways to Gain Your Customers' Trust". Through various online marketing methods, interested visitors to your blog/website learn about the course and are invited to enter their email address to receive it free of charge.

Rather than send all the advice in one email, the marketer splits the course into a series of 10 or so emails, each one explaining some aspect of the subject. The marketer will also decide at what frequency the individual emails should be sent. For this example, we will assume the interval is weekly.

The marketer will configure the autoresponder to send out the first email in the series as soon as a new prospect registers an email address. It will be configured to send the remaining nine emails at weekly, or daily intervals. Once the autoresponder is configured, it will work away in the background automatically dealing with each new prospect. It works as a virtual mailing assistant.

Apart from responding to initial requests, an autoresponder can be used to manage future campaigns. The autoresponder is automatically able to keep track of what stage in any campaign any given prospect is, something that would be virtually impossible to monitor in a manual system if there was more than a handful of prospects.

In an effort to defeat automated form-filling robots, many marketers now require those who sign up to confirm their email address before any further material is sent, this also helps the marketer to conform to anti-spam laws. This is usually done by sending a confirmation email to the address that was input, and asking the recipient to click on a confirmation link in that email, this is called the 'double-optin' method and is another function that can be handled by any autoresponder worth using.

Are autoresponders difficult to use?

Autoresponders will differ in their capabilities, and in the precise details of how they work. Autoresponse Plus (now called 'ArpReach') is an excellent option for those who are familiar with autoresponders. It comes with a comprehensive set of marketing tools, has an excellent user manual, and it is relatively easy to learn, although for the absolute beginner an autoresponder solution such as Aweber my be a better bet, because although ArpReach is an excellent autoresponder solution, it does have a steeper learning curve than other services and as such may not be the easiest solution for the newbie unless of course you are not afraid to get stuck in!, I myself use ArpReach and am very happy with it.

Many autoresponder products charge a monthly fee to continue using them. For the novice marketer, that can prove costly until they are generating a regular income on-line, because it will be difficult to know what volumes of traffic will be generated. With Autoresponse Plus/ArpReach, there is a one-off purchase price, making it ideal for the savvy marketer who wants more control over the data he collects.

Another advantage is that Autoresponse Plus/ArpReach runs on individual websites and the company instals it free of charge. The Autoresponse Plus package handles everything from managing initial contact forms to controlling complex marketing campaigns. The product has dozens of other useful features worth checking out.

So the message of this article is simpleif you want to earn good money on the internet, you have to build a good responsive subscriber list, and to do that you need a decent autoresponder solution.

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