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Keeping a Blog is hard work

Keeping a Blog is hard work, and to make money from that blog is even harder work. Don't let anyone kid you, there is no program and I mean no program or Guru who will teach you how to make money overnight. Blogging is easy, put your thoughts down in a post and your good to go, but try to monetize that blog and you have another thing coming. Blogging is not like a "Field of Dreams" you don't build it and they will come. You have to build traffic slowly and methodically, and understand that not everyone who stumbles upon your blog will like your writing style or even what you are writing about. Can you please everyone every time? No! But you can please the ones who are interested in what you are writing about. I see a lot of bloggers that ramble about just about anything their mind is set on for that particular moment in time. When it comes to Blogging I feel the best thing to do is to pick a Niche, something that interests you or has a following that you feel you might be able to cater to.

With that said, how do you build traffic to your blog? Do you use Google Adwords, Banner Ads, Social sites or traffic generators. To me it's pretty simple, it's who you know. The more you get yourself out there, whether it's by commenting on other blogs or forums or joining social networks the more readers you will get to your blog. In my last post I spoke about Jack Humphrey's new Social Network, and in just the past couple of days since I became a member I made lots of new friends and gained a lot of new RSS Subscribers. I have also been participating more on StumbleUpon and Digg, these sites are not just for promoting your posts and blogs. They are there to network with other people and build a presence for yourself through friendships and partnerships.

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Another thing I have been using very heavily is Entrecard, it takes some time but I feel it is well worth it as I have gained a lot of new friends and continued visits to my blog.

So how are you building traffic to your blog? Are you out their networking? Please take a moment and leave a comment and share your thoughts and ideas so that the rest of us might benefit, after all if we all share somebody might just learn something.

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